Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry Smithers-Jones

So here's the first post.

In these times of economic doom and gloom it is strangely reassuring to be someone who didn't have a proper job to loose in the first place. No one has called me in to give me the dreaded heave-ho or restructure me somehow. Things are really just kind of ticking over as per normal so far. I do some photography work, shoot stock images and hope for a return over time, and teach when a school needs a cover teacher. It pays the bills, and isn't a bad mix. Sometimes I think I'd like to do less of one and more of the other, but each has their merits; there is much to be said for the old portfolio career. Though describing my approach to work to date as a career may be stretching things somewhat.

I intend to blog mostly on photography related topics but fully expect random posts on anything from children, food, Liverpool FC to current irritations to find their way in. This blog will almost certainly mirror eclecticity (did I make a word up there?) with irregularity.


1 comment:

Stephen Power said...

Go ahead Alex - it's not as painful as you might think, and it can get quite addictive. It's a real buzz when you get people from all over the world commenting on what you write!