Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stock photos meet the stock market

I've been trying to make my residual income from stock photography work a bit harder this year by investing much of it into the stock market. Since the Global Financial Crisis bottom around March global exchanges have had extremely healthy bounces, so it hasn't been too hard to make great returns. The markets have been volatile, irrational and pretty interesting. I've probably spent more time stock researching and than stock shooting, but it has been paying off!

I received an email from a site I use for streaming live stock prices this morning on an interesting photo project they are launching. Prompted by the large number of people using iphones and other smart phones to keep tabs on the market while on the move they're asking users to share their views of the market as these phones aren't too shabby as pocket cameras either.

As with all crowd sourced photo projects there will no doubt be a wide range of subject matter and quality but it seems an interesting niche subject and angle. How contributors interpret their request for photos that show their thoughts and feelings about the market could produce some images that are interesting both as photographs and pointers on general stock market sentiment. Will the bull run continue or are we heading for the double dip? The answer could be in the photos!


Joe K Ng said...

Alex, great article.
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AlexH said...

Ta Joe, and thanks for visiting!