Monday, December 7, 2009

Depositphotos 100 dollar upload incentive

Luis has a post over at his microstocking blog which is a good follow up to my mention of and their $100 upload incentive. Luis has made the money quickly and reports the upload and submission is easy and their response times are quick. They have even credited him for rejected uploads.

My main hesitation with jumping on this offer was the time it takes submitting to some agencies so this is positive feedback. If the $100 can be earned in around a day of otherwise unproductive time slotted in around other activities then it can be worthwhile even if meaningful sales never eventuate. With FTP uploading can be largely automated and the submission sounds simple enough to plug away at in front of the goggle box if, like me, you waste hours watching nonsence!

Given the backing Depositphotos have given to attracting contributors I would assume and hope they will be coming out with some equally appealing incentives to draw buyers over to their site once they've built up the numbers. So with luck the $100 incentive may not be the only payouts contributors see.

Thanks to Luis for the feedback on the upload incentive.


Luis said...


Did you give it a try? :) They have now 67downloads! (I got 0 :P)

f.57 said...

I've registered, but haven't got around to any uploads yet!