Thursday, March 12, 2009

Identical twin boys!

Well Samuel and Milo have arrived, making me an Uncle too now! These two are identical twins and anticpating their arrival we've been imagining all the trouble they'll be getting up to. Twins are going to be a handful no doubt.

The girls and I have been developing a double baby carrier concept using Barbie Kens. We hope something along these lines may help Josh get out and about with the boys. Something wasn't quite right with the shot above in terms of realism, and Rosie (art directing) suggested we switch models and use "Wild Ken".

Now that's more like it; slightly frazzled and fazed Dad!

Seriously though, twin boys are going to keep Ant and Josh snapping away with lots of photo opportunities. Here's a couple of shots of another pair of twins I photographed on a family photoshoot in Tasmania.

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