Friday, April 3, 2009

Burnie wedding photography

No one wants rain on their wedding day but unfortunately it is one thing no amount of planning and preparation can avoid the possibility of. A recent wedding I photographed at the Rhododendron Gardens near Burnie unfortunately coincided with a particularly wet day.

The gardens are a beautiful location for a ceremony and wedding photos. Fortunately the big pergola meant the outdoor service could continue but we had to think on our feet and change the photo plans with the downpour continuing after the couple had become husband and wife. Of course the weather couldn't dampen their spirits and I managed to coax them out into the open with instructions to 'fool around' with a big umbrella; hoping for a few nice relaxed shots making light of the dark wet weather!

In the case of the groom, who is not natural friend of the camera, I think the situation possibly helped him relax and for me in turn to capture his natural personality. Sometimes you don't get the images you planned, but those you make instead can perhaps be more special.

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