Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stock photo ideas are everywhere

stock photo of man scratching the back of his head

Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with new ideas and concepts to shoot for stock photography. Yes, that's me scratching my head trying to come up with my next (who am I kidding?) big idea.

Doing a bit of self portrait modelling for yourself can be uncomfortably introspective sometimes. I don't see the back of my head that often. On this occassion it prompted some unforeseen keywording to take in that worryingly thin area that seems to be developing. Dare I say balding? Well for keywording, at least, I have.

The good news is the photo has sold on Alamy. So at least I can afford to try my luck with whatever magical solution Shane Warne is pushing at the moment. Or I might just thin out gracefully. There could be potential for a series of photos perhaps. Always look on the bright side, silver linings and all that.

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