Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your photographers gear lust demon.

If you're a photographer you have one of these. Its like a little guy who sits on your shoulder and ooohhs and aaggghhs about photo gear he knows you really need to make better pictures. He used to be a sucker for megapixels but is kind of over that now, to an extent. Wait though, there's full frame sensors, lower noise, HD videos, there's always something. He's still very susceptible to advertising, to buzz, to beautiful design. Sometimes he'll even drool a little with desire, which naturally makes you irrational about purchase decisions. If he's really excited he jumps up and down so much you actually need that new DSLR body and lense to hang off the other shoulder to even things up a bit.

Ok, maybe your guy is a little different, maybe she's a demoness, maybe she's more subtle. But you have one, trust me. Read the rest of this post at

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