Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alamy soft or lacking definition

Alamy's rejection reason "soft and/or lacking definition", or the infamous SoLD, has become a bit of stumbling block for some Alamy contributors and provoked a fair bit of debate on their forums.

In an effort to start clearing up some confusion Alamy have updated their explanation of what they mean when they reject on the basis of SoLD. I say start because I expect this won't completely solve the problems and confusion and imagine they'll be coming out with a more in the future, probably with detailed examples.

While an Alamy rejection can be especially frustrating because of the way it knocks back all your images in the upload queue along with the one(s) rejected it should be remembered that Alamy do at least provide valuable feedback to contributors (on technical issues only as there is no editing at Alamy), which is not something you get from many agencies. So a rejection can at least be put to good use as a learning experience!

If you have an image you're a little doubtful about my main tip would be upload it on its own or in a small batch only. So if it does fall foul of QC you don't get a lot of other good images caught in the rejection too.

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