Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stock photography licensing terms

I'm slowly building up a bank of articles over at fstop57 - the new home of this blog - that will hopefully provide a useful resource to both photographers and picture buyers involved in the stock photography industry.

At times it can seem a little silly to be writing about what you're familiar with and assume much of your audience will be too. However it is all to easy to forget how much can be jargon to those not so involved in a subject or coming it to for the first time.

I've been meaning to do more posts on the RF / RM licensing question for a while and recently read a worrying poll result over at Roberto's mystockphoto blog that reveals the extent to which professionals in the design industry are either ignorant or ill-informed on image licensing. This has motivated me to put up some basic information on stock photo licensing on fstop57.com as part of my resources section. Stock photo licensing basics covers the diferences between rights managed and royalty free licenses.


rm. said...

Thanks Alex for the mention and to point out the necessary stock photo licensing explications.

f.57 said...

No worries Roberto. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!